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The search feature allows you to perform a targeted search for Educational Resources by Subject Area, Grade Level, and/or  Course.

1. Select the Educational Resources tab and then the Search tab in the sub-navigation bar.

NYLearns top banner with Search tab highlighted

2. You may wish to add a Keyword to further target your search.

Search screen with search bar highlighted

3. Use the check boxes next to the various types of content to narrow your search to specific types of resources.

Screen of checkboxes to narrow search criteria

4. Select Grade Level(s) and Subject Area(s) or a Course to target your results, and then click Search. You may choose multiple subject areas and grade levels.

Select Subject Area/Grade Level screen with search bars highlighted

5. Your results will display, showing a title, the type of resource, and the grade level(s) associated with the resources. Click the title of the resource to view it.

Display screen of results

6. Opening the resource will display information about the resource, tell you where to access the resource, and give you a number of options for interacting with the resource.

resource screen with buttons highlighted

7. You may wish to print, share, or save, your resource. Use the icons on each resource to do so.

  • Printer Friendly Version will initiate a print dialogue in some browsers, and will open a printable window in others.
  • Send to a Friend will open a window allowing you to enter an email address to share the resource. 
  • Add to My ePortfolio will save a bookmark to your ePortfolio 
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