NYS Assessment Builder

The NYS Assessment Builder allows you to create printable tests to help gain a better understanding of your students' mastery level of the NYS Standards and Performance Indicators. NYLearns has, with permission, reproduces NYS Assessment and Regents Exam questions for your use, and has aligned them with the NYS Learning Standards. You may print your assessments and corresponding answer keys or save them to your ePortfolio.

1. Click the Assessment tab. It will default to the NYS Assessment Builder.

NYLearns top banner with Assessment tab highlighted

2. You may search for test items using a Keyword Search and/or by Subject Area, Grade Level, or Question Type.

Keyword Search Screen with Subject Area, Grade level, and Question Type dropdown menus highlighted

3. If you choose to utilize the Subject Area and Grade Level search features, you will also be given a list of Standards/Key Ideas/ and Performance Indicators to further narrow your search. Check the box in front of the standard(s) you wish to include in your search.

Screen of sample standards with checkbox highlighted

4. Click Search.

5. Your results will display, allowing you to select the questions you wish to include in your assessment. Click the boxes in front of any questions you wish to include in your assessment. If you would like all of the questions included, check the box for Select all on this page.

Search Results screen with checkboxes highlighted

6. When you select an item, it will turn green, and it's addition will be reflected in the Assessment Box at the top of your screen. When you have selected all of the items you wish to include, click View Assessment on the Assessment box.

View Assessment button highligted

7. Your assessment will appear in an editing window, giving you access to the Student Version, Teacher Version, and Answer Key. The Student Version contains only the test questions. The Teacher Version contains the questions and answers. The Answer Key contains only the test answers.

You may perform a number of actions on all three versions of the assessment.

From the bar at the top of the Assessment, you can Print, Export to PDF, Export to Word, or Save to ePortfolio.

Assessment page top bar with buttons highlighted

The bar across the top of each question contains arrows to reorder the questions and a red button to remove the question if you change your mind. You may wish to use the reorder buttons to produce several versions of the same test.

Screen of sample question with buttons highlighted


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