Community Resources

The Community Resources section provides a location for your Community  to share documents, images, web resources, and other media with one another. Resources may be organized into folders (called dividers) within the Repository. The Community Resources can be found at the bottom of the Community page.

1. From the Dashboard, you may Manage Content, Open the Resource, Rate the Resource, Add Comments, Add Notes, or Add To ePortfolio.

Community Resources sample Dashboard

2. To add content, click Manage Content.

Comunity Resources sample Dashboard with Manage Content button highlighted

3. To add new Folders click Add New Folder.

Update Community Content screen with Add New Folder button highlighted 

Enter the Content Folder Name and click Save.

Update Content Folder dialog with Content Folder Name text box and Save button highlighted

4. To add a new Web Resource, click Web Address.

Update Community Content dialog with Add Web Address button highlighted

Enter a Title and a URL, Select a Folder, then click Save.

Update Community Content dialog with Title text box URL text box and Select a Folder drop down menu highlighted

5. To add content from your ePortfolio, click My ePortfolio.

Update Community Content dialog with My ePortfolio button highlighted

Click the checkbox next to each file you wish to add, select a folder, then click Add.

ePortfolio Manager screen with Check boxes and Select a Folder drop down menu highlighted

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