Adding Files and Links

You can add virtually any file to your ePortfolio. Use this area as a cloud-based storage to keep all the files you need when you teach. They will be accessible from any internet-connected computer. You can upload files from your computer, add internet bookmarks, and save resources from elsewhere in NY Learns.

1. To add files to your ePortfolio, click Upload File.

e Portfolio toolbar with Upload File button highlighted

Select the folder where you wish to put your resources, then click Choose Files and navigate to the file(s) you wish to upload. Click Upload when you have selected your files.

Note: To upload multiple files, hold down the CTRL key as you select files in the file navigation pane.

Upload a File screen with Choose Files and Upload buttons highlighted

2. To add a bookmark, click Add Bookmark.

e Portfolio toolbar with Add Bookmark button highlighted

Select the folder where you wish to put the bookmark, Title your bookmark, create a Description if you wish, paste the URL (web address), and then click Save.

Add Bookmark pop up with Title Description URL text boxes and save button highlighted

3. You can also save resources from throughout NYLearns to your ePortfolio. Any item that can be saved has a briefcase icon next to it. Click the icon to save any item into your ePortfolio for quick access in the future.

Screen of Sample Standard with Briefcase icon highlighted

Sample Teacher Resource screen with Briefcase icon highlighted

Current Asssessment Questions Selected toolbar with Briefcase icon highlighted

You will be prompted to select a folder and add a description when saving standards and resources. Assessments will be saved into their own folder.

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