Making Changes to Your ePortfolio

1. You may wish to edit, replace, or delete items from your ePortfolio. Please be aware that any changes you make here will be reflected in each instance of that resource in NY Learns. For example, if you don't delete a resource from your ePortfolio, it will be deleted from any websites, lesson plans, or ePlanners that contain it, if the resource was added from your ePortfolio.

To edit or replace a resource, click the pencil icon next to the resource name.

Sample Resources list with pencil icon highlighted

Choose the replacement or edited file using the Choose File button then click Save.

Edit or Upload File pop up with Choose File and Save buttons highlighted

2. To delete a resource, click the red X next to the resource name.

Sample Resources list with Red X icon highlighted

A popup will open, reminding you that deleting a resource will delete it in all other locations in NY Learns. If you determine that you wish to delete the resource from all locations within NY Learns, click OK.

Pop up confirming deletion of ePortfolio resource

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