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1. Click the checkbox next to the Terms of Use statement for the NY Learns website. Please read the Terms of Use document linked to in the statement.

Terms of Use statement with check box and Terms of Use link highlighted

2. Your web address is NY Learns username. Once you have created your site, you will be able to link to it directly. You can see your specific web address in the My Website bar.

My Website toolbar with web address text box highlighted

3. Enter your Website Name and then click Custom Page Header to customize your page header.

My Website Page Header pop up with text box highlighted

You may change the font, size, color, etc. of your Website name using the text editor that opens here.

My Website page Header pop up with text editor tools highlighted

4. To edit a page within your webpage, click Edit next to the webpage title.

Home Page toolbar with Edit button highlighted

Change the Page Title and add text to your page in the text editor.

Edit dialogue with Text boxes highlighted

Note: Advanced users who wish to view and edit the HTML code may do so using the HTML Button.

To add items from your ePortfolio to your website, click the Add From ePortfolio button in the text editor.

Edit Toolbar with Add from ePortfolio button highlighted

Click the checkboxes next to the resources you wish to add, and then click Insert.

ePortfolio Manager screen with check boxes and insert selected button highlighted

Click the checkboxes next to Show this page on your website menu? and Make this page available online? Then click Save.

online dialogue with show this page on your website menu and make the page available online checkboxes highlighted

5. To create a new webpage, click the Add Webpage button on the page where you want the new webpage to appear. Adding the page to one of the existing pages (e.g. "My Blog") will add it as a subpage on that page.

My Website Pages pop up with Add Webpage buttons highlighted

Follow the steps for using the text editor that appear in the "Editing a Webpage" section above.

6. To delete a webpage, click Delete next to the webpage title. Note that the Default pages (Home Page, My Blog, News & Announcements, and Contact Me) cannot be deleted.

Webpage list with Delete button highlighted

Note: Deleting a webpage will also delete any sub-pages housed on that webpage.

7. To reorder the pages of your website, use the arrows to the right of the webpage title to move them up and down.

Website Pages screen with Move Up and Move Down buttons highlighted

8. Add a Copyright Statement to your website.

copyright statement with teacher's name highlighted

9. Ensure that your website is Enabled and that your pages are Online.

My Website toolbar with Enable My Website checkbox highlighted

To put your pages online, click the Offline button to change it to Online.

Webpage list with Online/Offline buttons highlighted 

10. To view your website, please click View My Website on the website navigation bar.

Website Navigation bar with View My Website button highlighted

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