My Profile

You can update your profile at any time. Your profile may contain information provided to us by your district. Please check the spelling of your name and email address when you intially login.

To Access My Profile:


1. Click the My NYLearns tab, and make sure Teacher Tools is highlighted.

NYLearns top banner with My NYLearns and Teacher Tools tabs highlighted


2. Select My Profile from the menu panel, either in the sub-navigation bar or from the icons.

Menu panel with My Profile button highlighted


3. Check your personal information to ensure everything is spelled correctly and make any necessary changes.

Personal Information screen


4. You may upload a profile picture by clicking the pencil underneath the photo placeholder.

Photo Placeholder Image


5. Click Choose File and select the appropriate file, then click Upload Photo. If you are happy with the pictures, click Save.

Edit my Photo screen with choose file upload photo and save buttons highlighted


6. To change your password, click the Change Password icon, and enter your Old Password and New Password in the appropriate boxes, then click Save.

Change password button highlighted

Change password screen


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