Community Members

The Members Panel shows all of the members of the community and provides access to a Peer-to-Peer email feature, which allows you to privately communicate with individual members of the community.

1. Quickly send a Peer-to-Peer email by clicking on a member's avatar or name at any location within the community.

2. You may also wish to open the Members tab to locate a member to whom you wish to send a Peer-to-Peer email. You can open the Member tab by clicking Members in the navigation bar or by clicking View All on the Members Panel in the Dashboard.

My Navigator menu with members tab highlighted

Sample Members screen with view all button highlighted

3. If the community is large, you may wish to search for a member using the Keyword Search.

Sample community screen with search box highlighted

4. Click the member's avatar to send a Peer-to-Peer email. A Send Email box will pop up. Type in your Subject and Body and click Send.

Peer to Peer email screen with Subject text box body text box and send button highlighted

5. The email will be sent directly to the email address the member used when registering for NYLearns.

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