Other Website Features

The Website Builder also allows you to add a variety of features to your website, including a Blog, News & Announcements, and Assignments. These sections can be turned on and off using the Online/Offline button next to the page name. You can access the specific editors for each section below the My Website Pages section.

1. You can add blog entries by clicking Add Blog Entry on the My Blog Entries line.

My Blog Entries tool bar with Add Blog Entry button highlighted

Add a Title and write your post in the text box. Save as Published or Draft and click Save.

Edit Item dialogue with Title and box text boxes highlighted

The entry will be added to the My Blog Entries list. Once it is published, visitors may leave comments. To view the comments, click on the name of the blog entry to open it.

Blog Entries screen with name of blog entry highlighted

2. To add Announcements, click Add Announcement on the News & Announcements line.

News and Announcements screen with Add Announcement button highlighted

Add a Title and the text of your announcement. Enter dates in the Post on and Stop showing on boxes, choose a Save as status, and click Save.

Edit item dialogue with title and body textboxes and ave button highlighted

3. To add an Assignment, click Add Assignment on the My Assignments line.

My Assignments screen with Add Assignment button highlighted

Add a Title, type the text of your assignment, add Dates in the Post On and Stop Showing On boxes, choose a Save as status, select Pages to display on, and click Save.

Edit item dialogue with body highlighted post on section highlighted save as drop down highlighted pages to display on check boxes highlighted and save button highlighted

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