My Curriculum Maps

The My Curriculum section of NY Learns allows you to personalize your curriculum maps to your own needs and style. Here you can add notes for teaching, move rows around, and may be able to make suggestions to the maps if that option is enabled.

1. Once you have added your map(s) to My Curriculum Maps, click My Curriculum Maps to work with them.

Icon menu with My Curriculum Maps button highlighted

2. To view your map, click the title or the magnifying glass icon.

Screen of curriculum maps with map title and magnifying glass button highlighted

3. To edit your map, click the pencil icon.

Screen of curriculum maps with pencil icon highlighted

4. Once you have opened the editor, you may wish to change the Title and Teacher notes column Header at the top of the page.

Editor pop up screen with Title textbox and Teacher notes column Header textbox highlighted

5. The first column of your curriculum map contains the ability to move rows up and down, should you wish to reorder the section on your map. Click the up or down arrows to reorder your map rows.

Screen of curriculum map first column with up and down arrow buttons highlighted

6. The last column of your curriculum map is the Notes for Teaching section, which is fully customizeable by you.

To access the Notes for Teaching editor, hover your mouse over the column until it turns green, then click the green box.

Screen of curriculum map columns with Notes for Teaching textbox highlighted

This will open a text editor that allows you to add text, documents or bookmarks from your ePortfolio, images, and more. Once you have completed your Notes for Teaching, click Save.

Text editor pop up with textbox highlighted 

7. You may also be able to add Suggestions to a map. This feature allows you to a suggest a resource, correction, or addition to an existing map. To access the Suggestions feature, click the thought bubble icon in the first column of the map.

Screen of curriculum map columnswith thought bubble icon highlighted

The Make a Suggestion box will open. Select a column, and then type your suggestion, as it should appear on the map, in the editor, then click Save.

text editor pop up with select a column drop down menu and text box highlighted 

If you would like to add Comments to your suggestion, click the Comments tab and add any information you wish to share.

Make a Suggestion text editor pop up with Comments tab and add a comment button highlighted

Your suggestions will be considered by designated members of your local curriculum team, and may be added to the district maps. Those curriculum team emmbers may use the Comments feature to ask for clarification before determining whether or not to accept those suggestions.

8. You may also wish to share your personalized map with team members or administrators. You can do that by clicking the share icon.

Curriculum Maps selection screen with share button highlighted

Add the email address of users you wish to share with (Note: they must be NY Learns users), make changes to the message if you wish, and click Share.

Share My Curriculum Map pop up text editor with Sending To text box highlighted

9. To copy your map, click the copy icon.

Curriculum Maps selection screen with copy icon highlighted

10. To delete your map, click the red delete icon.

Curriculum Maps selection screen with delete icon highlighted

11. To view the original Curriculum Map that your map was saved from, click the view original map icon.

Curriculum Maps selection screen with view original map icon highlighted

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