Viewing Your ePlanner

The View option opens your ePlanner, and allows you to add lesson plans, curriculum maps, etc. to your Planbook.

1. To view your Planbook, and to access the lesson planning tools, click Option and select View.

Planbook selection screen with options button and view button highlighted

2. Use the arrows or date selector buttons to navigate to the date you wish to add information to.

planbook screen with arrow buttons and date selector buttons highlighted

3. To add a Curriculum Map, click Add Curriculum.

E planner options with Add Curriculum button highlighted

Select the Class Period and the Date then click Select Curriculum.

class period dialogue

Select the list of curriculum maps from which you wish to add a curriculum.

Search Curriculum Screen with search tabs highlighted

Click the green plus next to the map you wish to add to your Planbook.

Search Curriculum Screen with green plus button highlighted

Click Save.

Sample Curriculum Map with save button highlighted

Your curriculum will now appear in your planner on the dates and class periods specified.

Screen of curriculum on calendar dates

4. To add a Lesson Plan, click Add Lesson Plan.

Button bank with Add Lesson Plan button highlighted

Select the row where you wish the lesson plan to appear, add the dates of the lesson plan, and give it a title. If you wish to add it to multiple rows, click Add to More Periods/Subjects. Then click Save.

Popup screen of adding more subjects and periods to lesson plan

The Lesson Plan Editor will open, allowing you to add content to your lesson plan. The default section of the lesson plan are located on the left. You may change the name of any section, and may add or remove sections as necessary.

Give each section a Name, add your text, click Save, and then click Next.

Screen of Lesson Plan Editor With Name Next Button and Save Button Highlighted

Clicking Next will step through each default section in order. If you wish to work on sections out of order, click the name of the section you wish to open.

Screen of sample section names with essential question section name highlighted

If you wish to add, remove, or reorder the section (attributes), click Edit Attributes.

Screen of sample section names with Edit Attributes button highlighted

Your Lesson Plan will now appear on your Planbook on the dates and class periods specified.

Planbook calendar screen with newly added lesson plan highlighted

5. You can also add textual notes to your Planbook. To add a note, click Add a Note.

Button bank with Add a Note button highlighted

Select the row(s) to which you wish to add a note, the dates, give your note a title, and select the background color. Add your text and click Save.

Adding a note screen

Your note will now appear on the detes and class periods specified.

Planbook calendar screen with newly added note highlighted

6. You may wish to add a recurring item. To do this, click Add a Recurring Item.

Button bank with Add a Recurring Item button highlighted

Select the row to which you would like to add the recurring item, enter dates and a title, and select how often it occurs, and the day of the week. Type any information in the editor, and click Save.

Adding a Recurring Event Screen

Your recurring item will now appear on your Planbook.

Planbook calendar screen with newly added recurring event highlighted

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