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How do I create an Instructional Map or IM?

How do I create an Instructional Map or IM?

Jeremy Answered

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An Instructional Map enables you to cusotmize a Curriculum Map with a Notes for Teaching column.  Once you have located a Curriculum Map that pertains to your educational practice, click the Add to My CMs (green plus) button.  The Curriculum Map will be automatically moved to the My CMs & IMs area.  Once you have the Maps organized into the My CMs section, you will need to click the Create a new Instructional Map button.  Once you have created the Instructional Map, you may enter the Instructional Curriculum Map Editor by clicking the Edit button (pencil icon).  Once you are in the editor, you can edit the Title as well as place your own custom content in the Notes for Teaching column of the Curriculum matrix.  To edit a cell in the Notes for Teaching column, hover your mouse over the cell and click.

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