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How can I share a document or other file with students through my webpage?

How can I share documents and other files with my students on my website?

Jeremy Answered

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Login to NYLearns, go to My Website under My NYLearns, and go to the page where you want the file to show up.  Click on the Edit button to the right of the page name.  The editor window will open.  Click on the My Portfolio button to the right in the toolbar.  Click on the Upload File(s) button.

A new window will open.  Select the folder within your portfolio where you want the file to be saved.  Click the Select button to locate the file on your computer.  Then, click the Upload button in the lower right hand corner.

Click the Browse Portfolio tab in the upper left.  Click on the name of the folder where you saved the file.  Click on the box in front of the file name to check the box.  Click the Insert Selected button in the lower right hand corner.  This will insert the file into your webpage.

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